allows you to buy bitcoins in India using online banking options such as NEFT. We are accepting transfers from all banks. 

You can send funds via any Indian bank that supports NEFT. You can send funds from SBI Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, City Bank, HSBC Bank and all other banks which supports NEFT.

At the moment we have our bank accounts in ICICI Bank and Axis Bank. So if you are sending funds from these banks, ie you have account with these banks, fund sending should be instant and we will receive funds immediately.

How do I send payment using NEFT ?

If you want to read more about NEFT, you can read it on RBI website here  : 

Normally sending payments via NEFT requires you to have online banking or net banking enabled in your bank account. Once you have net banking enabled in your bank account you can add payee/beneficiary in your bank account. If you are buying bitcoins from us you should add our banking details as payee/beneficiary. 

For security purpose all banks have cooling period applied after addition of payee. It means that you can not transfer funds to that payee account instantly and you will have to wait for some time. This is normal security practice.

SBI bank has cooling period of 4 hours.

HDFC bank has cooling period of 12 hours.

Axis Bank has cooling period of 24 hours.

ICICI Bank support immediate fund transfer to payee.

Once you have payee registration enabled you can send funds that account via NEFT.

NEFT payment may take  2 to 6 hours to get cleared. 

How do I send payment using Cheque?

You can also buy bitcoin using cheque from any bank to our bank account. If you have bank account in ICICI, Axis or SBI Bank fund transfer will be instant. For all other banks it may take 3-4 business days to get funds cleared.

Please use below process to buy bitcoin using Cheque :

  • Book order with us using function. Make sure you select most efficient bank for cheque clearance, means if you have bank account with ICICI select ICICI, Axis select Axis, SBI select SBI. For all other banks select the bank which is nearest to you from SBI, AXIS and ICICI.
  • Visit selected bank branch and deposit cheque with our bank account details. Teller will give you deposit slip, scan it and send it to
  • For Axis to Axis, ICICI to ICICI, SBI to SBI funds gets cleared almost immediately and we will process your order same day. For all other banks n 3 to 4 business days funds will get credited in our account and we will process the order as soon as funds hit our bank account. For such orders we will generate a  new order with deposited cheque amount with new rates on that day.


Mahin Gupta,