Our Verification Process:

We are in a legitimate business and to ensure that we safeguard the interests of our customers, we do require some details that need to be verified.

All first time users need to complete the verification process, which would be valid for a period of one year, (unless there is a change to the credentials used by the user) post which a re-verification process would be initiated.

The verification process currently verifies 2 aspects:

1.      Your e-mail address: Where all communication regarding purchases and sales will be sent across.

2.      PAN Card: Your permanent account number photo ID, which will be verified by the income tax department of India.

N    Note: In case of any additional verification required, we would send those requests to as deemed necessary.

The below steps give you a detailed step by step process to help you complete the verification process with us.


E-mail ID Verification:

  1. Go to the home page of our website: https://buysellbitco.in
  2. At the middle of the page, you will see an option: ‘Get Verified’. Please click on the same

  3. You will see the below image displayed:

  4. You will get the the below pop up:

Note: Check your e-mail if you have received the verification code and please enter the code received in the space given – ‘Verification Code’ (If you haven’t received the verification code latest in 30 minutes, please ask for the verification code to e re-sent. Please check your inbox, spam and junk folders, before you request for a different verification code)

Your e-mail verification is now complete.

PAN Card Verification:

Once you have completed the e-mail ID verification, the PAN Card upload will be enabled. You will see the below section.

You will now receive an e-mail from us stating that we would get back to you in 1-3 business days with the verification result.

The below snapshot is an example of the e-mail you will receive from us:

Once your verification process is complete from our end, we will write to you stating that your account has been verified and you can now start using our services.

Below is the snapshot of a sample e-mail that you would receive from us:

Note: The above e-mail would also include details around the validity period (usually one year) and a set of instructions to proceed with your transactions.

It would also include our bank account details, so that you could add us as a payee to process payments.

Note: We may reject your verification request and ask for further proof of documents if we face any issues while processing your verification request.

Note: ** While uploading your PAN card details, please follow the below instructions:

a.  Your name on the PAN card and the bank account should be the same.

b.  PAN card copy scanned should be clearly visible. It can be uploaded as jpeg, jpg, png, or pdf file. Maximum size of the file should not exceed 5MB.

c.  If you are dealing on behalf of an organization, then the PAN card should be registered in the name of the organization. Please note that we do not deal with proprietorships and partnership firms. We only deal with registered company that can be LLP or Pvt Ltd.

In case you are unable to upload the scanned copy of your PAN card, please send it across to id@buysellbitco.in