Sell Bitcoin/s:

 You can follow the below steps if you have bitcoin/s that you want to sell us!!

  1. Log onto our website:
  2. The below page would be displayed.
  3. Enter the details as requested and book your order.

The system would give you a deposit instruction with an order ID.

Sample of the e-mail id displayed for your reference:

The e-mail would contain instructions and our bitcoin address where you need to send across the bitcoin/s to.

Please note that you will need to send across the bitcoin/s you wish to sell in about 15 minutes. Once the bitcoins are received, we will send across the funds the same business day via NEFT.

You will receive the payment into your account number and we will send you an e-mail confirmation of the same with a unique order number that you can use for any further reference.

Sample of the confirmation e-mail is below for your reference: